This article is about a/an foot-soldier in Madan Senki Ryukendo.


Tsukaima is Jamanga's foot soilder


When fighting a Swordsman Familiar at Akebono Temple, it proved to be a match for Ryukendo's normal form. Ryukendo defeats it with his Fire Mode, but the Jamanga somehow took in the fire attack's source and powered up another Swordsman Familiar with Ryukendo's fire power. In this form, the Fire Familiar gains a flaming sword as well as a large shield that could move telepathically. The Fire Familiar overpowered Ryugunou and Ryukendo in his Fire Mode. Fire Ryukendo, while getting in a swordfight with the Familiar, caused large fireballs to launch and burn Akebono City. In the end, Ryugunou captures the Familiar's shield, and Ryukendo transforms into Aqua Ryukendo, destroying the Fire Familiar. Akebono City also snows from the Freezing Slash made from Aqua Ryukendo.