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The Thunder Key's Power
Madan Senki Ryukendo, Episode 11
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Forbidden Activation! Thunder Ryukendo!
The Thunder Key's Power (サンダーキーの力 Sandā Kī no Chikara?) is the 11th episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo.


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Dr. Worm reveals his latest plan to use the power of the Thunder Key to allow Jack Moon to become stronger. However, Jack Moon sees that it is too powerful even for him. Meanwhile, Kenji trains with GekiRyuKen. Jack Moon creates a clone of him and names it Beremoon and sends it against RyuKenDo. Beremoon attacks the city, causing power outages. RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu fight Beremoon after the police SWAT team is overcomed by the heroes. Eventually, Beremoon is trapped by SHOT in a power-draining tank created by Kichi Setoyama and Rin. But, unfortunately, he escapes by using the Thunder Key but the power of the Thunder Key is too much and he is destroyed. Jack Moon surprisingly arrives and gives RyuKenDo the Thunder Key so that they fight equally. RyuKenDo uses the key, though he is forbidden by GekiRyuKen and it makes GekiRyuKen unconscious and it drains Kenji's power. An injured Kenji later goes off alone to settle the score with Jack Moon by not telling anybody!


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