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The Demon Hidden in the Water
Madan Senki Ryukendo, Episode 8
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Ring On, Bell of Friendship
The Demon Hidden in the Water (水にひそむ魔 Mizu ni Hisomu Ma?) is the 8th episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo.


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Rin and Kenji follow a mysterious signal near a river, but it fades away. Later, Rin learns that all the fireflies near the river have disappeared. The next day at the river, the monster Edenoid appears and pollutes the water. RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu fight it but it escapes back into the water. Rin realizes that Edenoid changes the temperature of the water around it and uses this to locate it alone. But she is captured by the monster. Setoyama finds out this informs Kenji and Fudou. Kenji saves her from the monster while Fudou fights the monster. But they are soon defeated by Edenoid. GekiRyuKen advised Kenji to use Aqua Key. Kanji uses the key and activates Aqua Mode. He is able to weaken the monster. GekiRyuKen asks Kenji to call Aqua Shark for the first time. Aqua RyuKenDo then calls on the Shark JuuOu: AquaShark to destroy Edenoid once and for all. Thereby, he saves the day!


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