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That Guy's the Rival
Madan Senki Ryukendo, Episode 5
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Single Blow Certain Victory! Dragon Cannon!
That Guy's the Rival (あいつがライバルだ Aitsu ga Raibaru da?) is the 5th episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo.


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At night, aa mysterious man appears to talk to a couple and asks about SHOT. Kenji is getting bored with not having a case and continues to see the ghostly Komachi. GekiRyuKen finally explains that only they can see her. In the city, the man is revealed to be Jack Moon of Jamanga. Komachi warns Kenji about Jack Moon but he is excited at the prospect of fighting him. Jack Moon captures several people, including Nakazaki and Takakura. RyuKenDo battles Jack Moon but is outmatched. Komachi helps him save the people but it takes the added strength of RyuGunOu to push Jack Moon back. Kenji realizes that he can't do everything alone and summons Brave Lion to help RyuGunOu. Jack Moon is eventually defeated, but he promises to return. Kenji later learns that Komachi was a police officer... almost 100 years ago.


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