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Kenji Narukami /Madan Swordsman Ryukendo moved to Akebono, and was mistaken for a demon upon arrival. After defending a dog in the street, he found himself confronting a Demon Beast, being chosen by the GekiRyuKen and becoming Ryukendo. Since then, he works at SHOT, saving the day more often than not. He is trained in the Narukami Ryuujinryu technique. By inserting the RyuKen Key into GekiRyuKen, Kenji can synchronize with GekiRyuKen to transform into Ryukendo. His transformation call is "GekiRyu Transform!" Vlcsnap-2012-03-26-21h31m54s16.

Brave LeonEdit

Brave Leon is Ryukendo's JuuOh, which can turn into a three-wheel motorcycle. It is activated by the Leon Key His Final Break finishing move, activated by the Final Key, is Madan Slash .

God Ryukendo & God GekiRyuKenEdit

When GekiRyuKen absorbs the combined power of Ryuguno, Ryujino and the Jamanga GrimGoblin, he evolves into God GekiRyuKen'. By transforming with this new weapon, Ryukendo gains an advanced form called Madan Swordsman God Ryukendo , who is all around stronger than Ryukendo. His Madan Keys are also upgraded as well as his Juuoh evolved into God'Leon . His finishing move is RyuuOu Madan Slash .Ryukendo Poster


Fire Ryukendo

Aqua Ryukendo

Thunder Ryukendo

God Ryukendo

Ultimate Ryukendo

Lightning Ryukendo

Burning Ryukendo

Blizzard Ryukendo
Ryukendo and Ryugano
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Madan Key HolderRyukendo Logo
Kenji transforming
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