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Ring On, Bell of Friendship
Madan Senki Ryukendo, Episode 9
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Ring On, Bell of Friendship (響け、友情の鐘 Hibike, Yūjō no Kane?) is the 9th episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo.


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RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu are perplexed by a giant statue that has appeared in the city. RyuKenDo uses FireKong to collect a sample of the statue, after being reminded by GekiRyuKen that he needs to be in Fire Mode first. Soon, a nose appears on the statue. While Kenji argues with GekiRyuKen about that he could have done this by using Normal Mode instead of Fire Mode, the statue begins to emit a strange sound, releasing Minus Energy for Jamanga. GekiRyuKen is injured by the sound but shows Kenji a dream of his discovery.  The Wave also makes the people the victim of headache. SHOT understand that the statue is not an ordinary statue but they cannot find how to destroy the statue. Rin suspects that the statue is none other than a Jamanga monster. On the other hand, Dr. Worm and Jack Moon are happy to see their plan is working. Kenji and RyuGunOu are sent to destroy the monstrous statue but they are outmatched. Soon, two black eyes and a strange symbol appears on its face making it more powerful. It starts to produce strong waves which makes civilians ill and sick. It is found that the Akebono Bell will neutralize the statue's sound waves if rung at the right time as Kenji sees when a man ringing the bell, the statue atoms producing noise and becomes weak. Kenji goes to ring the bell, weakening the sound enough for RyuGunOu to use Dragon Cannon, but the blast is blocked by the active statue. GekiRyuKen recovers and helps Kenji destroy the statue.  He asks GouRyuGun and Fudou to use Dragon Cannon again and Kenji to use Fire RyuKenDo Special Attack with the help of Gorilla JuuOh together. This combo attack will surely destroy the statue which really works. Fire RyuKenDo then uses Fite Strike to divide the statue into halves and destroy it forever.

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