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Jack Moon
Gender: Male
Villain Type: General
Season: Madan Senki Ryukendo
Homeworld: Jamanga
First Appearance: This is the Hero!
Last Appearance: The Black Moonlit Night of Christmas
Number of Episodes
27 (Ryukendo)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Mitsutoshi Kiko
Mechani Moon
Mechanimoon Ryukendo

Jack Moon is a swordsman for Jamanga. Though he swore loyalty to GrenGhost, Jack Moon serves him because he's stronger than himself. Jack Moon's ideal were that the strong rule, refusing to destroy a foe he considers to be weaker, citing such actions as a waste of his time and energy. However, Jack Moon's demonic side has pleasure in attacking the weak. Though Ryukendo originally saw him as his rival, he came to see that Jack Moon has no actual warrior's code when he succumbed to his demonic nature and decided to attack Akebono from his Air Fortress while Ryukendo was unable to fight. After his fortress was destroyed by Thunder Ryukendo in Episode 12, Jack Moon was not seen until in Episode 21, when Baron Bloody saved him from being sacrificed to GrenGhost for betraying Jamanga. However, Jack Moon's body is dying from the conflict between his hearts and decides to his restore his honor by fighting Ryukendo on-on-one during the solar eclipse, restoring his fullpower. Though he fell the Twin Edge GekiRyuKen's Super Thunder Slash, Jack Moon was resurrected as Mechanimoon (メカニムーンMekanimūn?), a cyborg version of himself with golden adornments to his armor and without any memories of himself and freewill, a slave under Bloody. But after GrendGhost's death, he was Jack Moon once more, and, in a final duel with Kenji under the black moonlit night of Christmas, he was defeated by the Narukami Ryuujinryu technique.Jack moon says thank you to Narukami for bringing him his destiny. Jack Moon dies.

Character History Edit

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Jack Moon was portrayed by Mitsutoshi Kiko and Voiced By Johhny Yong Bosch

Behind the ScenesEdit

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