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Demon BeastsEdit

The Demon Beasts are usually created by Dr. Worm using a Madan Key as the core of the monster's form. However, Lady Gold and Baron Bloody can also create their own monsters.

  • Demon Beast Reptolilix: A metal-eating insect Demon Beast impervious to most blades and guns, but was killed by Ryukendo, who acquired the Fire Key from it. A 2nd red version was created by Lady Gold and shrunk so it can infect people with a virus that turns their skin into iron and cause them to lash out violently before it was destroyed by Ryujino in Shadow Wing Mode.
  • Plant Demon Beast Giga Flower : A flower Demon Beast that was planted by Dr. Worm in Akebono, and eventually grew to giant size under the watchful eye of a young boy, Shigeru. All it took to bring it down was Fire Ryukendo's Blazing Slash. After the battle, Kenji acquired the Aqua Key from it.
  • Demon Beast Balloon Gamma : A balloon Demon Beast, Balloon Gamma can shoot a beam that causes people to swell up like balloons, and would've made them explode within an hour of their ballooning. With a careful eye and steady hand, Ryuguno was able to defeat it with his new weapon at the time, Dragon Cannon.
  • Demon Beast Meganōma (魔獣メガノーマ Majū Meganōma?, 7, 25): A monster who attacked with large weights, causing general havoc around Akebono before being defeated by Fire Ryukendo and Fire Kong's Fire Cannon. MegaNouma was later revived with Rock Crimson's Regeneration Key and defeated by Ryujinou and Aqua Ryukendo.
  • Demon Beast Edenoid : A gillman Demon Beast, sent to pollute Akebono's water. He couldn't be detected whenever he's underwater, but it was revealed that his body temperature was much higher than normal, allowing him to slip by. Defeated by Aqua Ryukendo's Freezing Slash from atop the Aqua Board. Later revived with Rock Crimson's Regeneration Key and defeated by Ryujinou and Aqua Ryukendo.
  • Demon Beast Voldark : A Demon Beast modeled after Kanon, it uses its singing to bring people to pain though only the Akebono Shrinebell can negate the sound wave. Destroyed by Fire Ryukendo's Blazing Slash.
  • Demon Beast Anomalocaris: A swarm of Demon Beasts that Dr. Worm created after the pre-historic monster of the same name, developing a name for themselves by bitting off the tops of things and attack people's heads. The entire swarm was frozen by Aqua Ryukendo's Freezing Slash.
  • Elemoon : A Jack Moon clone powered by the Thunder Key, created on Jack Moon's request to Dr. Worm by giving him using a piece of his flesh. Being a copy of Jack Moon, Elemoon had half of his "father's" power augmented with the Thunder Key, and used his blade as a rifle. Though he gathered mass amounts of minus energy, SHOT managed to trap Elemoon in tank Dr. Worm had been driving in Episode 3, only for him to fully use the Thunder Key to get out. However the power the key had proved too much for Elemoon as it killed him to Jack Moon's annoyance for his lowly clone to be put in such a predicament in the first place.
  • Demon Beast Beyonder: A ghost-like Demon Beast that brought the spirits of the dead back to life, able to become intangible yet has a weakness for sunlight. Once rendered tangible, Ryukendo uses the Twin Edge GekiRyuKen to kill it. Dr. Worm later revived Beyonder as Beyondark (ビヨンダーク Biyondāku?), only to be defeated by Ryujino and Aqua Ryukendo.
  • Demon Beast Guckus : A Lizard-like Demon Beast that steals items of sentimental value to increase his power, the Goryu Key being one of them. Once forcing the monster to sneeze everything out of his stomach, Ryuguno finishes the Demon Beast off with his Trinity Dragon Cannon.
  • Asteroid: A series of androids created by Bloody, the first encountered posed as an alien named Angela with claims to protect people. Once revealed in its true form, Asteroid was destroyed by the Trinity Madan Slash. In following episode, more Asteroids were brought on Akebono in Angela's image, searching for the Madan Ryu Cores. Only one of them assumed its true form to fight Fudou and be destroyed by Ryukendo's Madan Slash.
  • Demon Beast Bacchal (魔獣バチャル Majū Bacharu?, 27): A giant clam Demon Beast who can create an alternate realm of Akebono city and trap children there using a computer game icon as the entrance gate. He used human-size illusions of himself until they were defeated and he revealed himself. Defeated by Magna Ryuguno's Magna Dragon Cannon, causing his dimension to fade in the process.
  • Demon Beast Grem Goblin (魔獣グレムゴブリン Majū Guremu Goburin?, 29): A Demon Beast created from a part of Daimaou's body, to attack the Madan Warriors directly. He was able to defeat Magna Ryuguno and take GekiRyuKen as his own. However, the sword's power when out of control as Grem Goblin used it to absorb Magna Ryuguno and Ryujino's attacks until Kenji reclaim it. Grem Goblin was the first to be defeated by God Ryukendo's RyuuOu Madan Slash.
  • Demon Beast Mazerome : A giant Demon Beast that targets indecisive people, teleporting them to her tunnel-like stomach, chasing them with a smaller version of herself. Her human-size aspect was surprisingly defeated by Ichiko & Ritsuko, while the actual Mazerome was killed by GodRyukendo and GodLeon's Trinity RyuuOu Madan Slash.
  • Demon Beast Jamind : A goofy-looking buddhist elephant Demon Beast who can play with human hearts. The beams of the four eyes on its trunk have a different effect: Yellow bring out happiness, blue bring fear, red brings anger and green brings sadness. Defeated by God Ryukendo's RyuuOu Madan Slash.
  • Demon Beast Facethief : A demon that uses mirrors to travel instantly to parts of Akebono and place cursed masks on people's heads. Defeated by Ryujino's Trinity RanBu attack.
  • Demon Beast Umbrella : Created from Kobashiri's umbrella, filled with its owner's jealousy. Sent to Akebono Tower to blanket the shopping district and infect people with jealousy. Defeated by Burning Cannon/Trinity Exploding Slash combo.
  • Demon Beast Macode : A Demon Beast that has a super soft body with rockhard armor, able to withstand mostly any attack on it. Though defeated in the first round by Komachi's interference, Macode was frozen/destroyed by Blizzard Ryukendo's Exploding Freezing Slash.
  • Magical Satellite Grenstar : A team effort by Dr. Worm and Baron Bloody to create a satellite to not only destroy the Madan Warriors, but to ensure no one else would dare challenge them in any way. Destroyed by Lightning Ryukendo's Exploding Lightning Slash.
  • Demon Beast Nemanon : A shape-shifting Demon Beast created by Dr Worm using two Madan Keys that copied the attacks of Ryukendo and Ryuguno, to create a monster with their combined powers. However, it didn't come out as intended so Worm gave the "horrid thing" to Lady Gold, who used the "cute" Nemanon's transforming power to cause chaos and confusion among the townsfolk. When GodRyukendo and MagnaRyuguno fought him, Nemanon assumed their forms, but only use the attacks the Madan Keys recorded. After being defeated by Ryuguno, Nemanon removed his cloak and assumed his true fighting form, only to be destroyed by God Ryukendo's Trinity RyuuOu Madan Slash.
  • Magic Pot : A Demon Beast created by Lady Gold and destroyed by Blizzard Ryukendo's Exploding Freezing Slash.
  • Mobile Fortress Majuuki : A machine created by Baron Bloody of using the pure steel that Akebono Tower is made of, the Madan Warriors were unable to use their final attacks as long as Rin was still inside the monster's body. Rin was rescued before Lightning Ryukendo destroyed Majuuki using his Exploding Lightning Slash, restoring it to its original form.
  • Gunneroid : A snipping machine created by Baron Bloody to kill the Madan Warriors and Dr. Worm. Gunneroid failed to kill them as it was destroyed by Trinity Magna Dragon Cannon.
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