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Burn! Become a Flame!
Madan Senki Ryukendo, Episode 2
Written by Junki Takegami
Directed by Masaki Harada
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This is the Hero!
Dash! King of Beasts
Burn! Become a Flame! (燃えろ!炎になれ! Moero! Honō ni Nare!?) is the 2nd episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo.


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Dr. Worm unleashes the Giga Flower on Akebono City, which is found by a young boy named Shigeru. He is encouraged to make it grow by Kaori. Kenji is shown around the secret SHOT headquarters and officially partners with GekiRyuKen. Soon, the Giga Flower grows to giant proportions and transforms into a monster. RyuGunOu is sent to destroy it while Kenji helps Shigeru. But RyuGunOu is overpowered by Giga Flower. GekiRyuKen asks Kenji to transform who does that. He battles by summoning RyuKenSword and finally uses Final Key which weakens it. GekiRyuKen asks Kenji to use Fire Key. RyuKenDo uses the new Fire Key to become Fire RyuKenDo and quickly destroys the Giga Flower in an inferno.


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